Safest convertible car seat

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Convertible car seats have to meet a lot of requirements, but the most important one is safety. We’ve looked at countless products that are popular on the market today and analyzed owner feedback, specialized review sites, the value offered for the money, and even the overall brand quality. After consulting thousands and thousands of models, we can finally declare that the Chicco NextFit is the best convertible car seat out there. It can be used by children with weights between 5 pounds and 65 pounds. Several of its most distinctive characteristics are its 9 recline options, a 2-position chest clip, as well as a 6-position headrest. The Chicco NextFit is among the safest units on the line, as it has the SuperCinch(™) LATCH Tightener. Your kid isn’t going anywhere you don’t want him or her to go while he or she is in this car seat. What’s more, installing the unit is a breeze, as it virtually allows users to make no mistakes. If the Chicco NextFit is a little out of your budget, you might want to consider the Evenflo Titan, as it’s the second best product we have discovered. Its weight limits are a little less convenient, but it still does a tremendous job at what it’s supposed to do.


What is the best convertible car seat in 2017


Chicco NextFitSafety features

When it comes to buying products that are destined for the use of children, safety matters the most. Since any parent wants to know their son or daughter is perfectly safe, it’s these features the ones making the difference between the best convertible car seat of 2017 and a simple, average one you could do without.

There are mainly three features one should look for when buying a convertible seat. There’s the matter of the harness. As a general rule, a 5-point safety harness is safer than a 3-point one. The 5-point alternative is a must for infants and toddlers, because it secures and restrains them well enough.

What is the harness responsible for? In the eventuality you and your child go through an accident, the 5-point harness will limit the movement of the kid’s head and will prevent him from moving in any direction.

Next up, there’s the LATCH system. This is a must-have feature because it assists parents in tethering the car seat to the actual vehicle, instead of using the seatbelts. Such a system is usually composed of a top tether and of two bottom ones.

Finally, yet another characteristic buyers need to look for is the side impact protection. Without it, there really isn’t any point to buying a convertible car seat. These products are equipped with foam that is known for absorbing energy and for reducing the impact of an accident. The head of the baby is properly protected thanks to this function.


The top rated convertible car seats of 2017

Model nameOur ratingPriceMinimum weightMaximum weightNotable characteristicsGet a discount on
Chicco NextFit
1.Chicco NextFit
A+$$$5 Pounds65 Pounds9 recline options,
6 position headrest.
2 position chest clip
Evenflo Titan
2.Evenflo Titan
A$$5 Pounds50 PoundsRemovable and washable pad and pillow,
4 harness positions
Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air+
3.Safety 1st Advance SE 65
B+$$$5 Pounds70 Pounds4 recline options.
10 position headrest
Britax Advocate G4.1
4.Britax Advocate G4.1
B$$$$5 Pounds65 Pounds10 harness positions,
2 buckle positions
Graco 4ever All-in-One
5.Graco 4ever
C+$$$$4 Pounds120 Pounds6 recline options,
10 position headrest


Additional options

Choosing one of the top rated convertible car seats of 2017 is not a tricky thing if you always pick a model with the safety features we’ve mentioned above. Nevertheless, there are models that come with supplementary options.

Getting a seat with a washable cover is a great idea, considering the fact that babies are little messy creatures. Some seats come with parts that need to be hand washed, whereas others include only machine washable covers. It really comes down to the amount of time you have on your hands when it comes to cleaning the car seat.

Another important matter is the one of adjustability. Babies do grow up fast, don’t they? This means that you’ll need to pick a model that’s fit for the use of infants and toddlers. The seat needs to come with adjustable straps.


Price and warranty

Although convertible car seats come with different prices and a multitude of options and additions, we recommend you first have a look at convertible car seat reviews. This way, you’ll know what the honest opinion of buyers really is. If some people have encountered issues with the brand or the customer support offered by it, you’ll learn from reviews. At the same time, any issue related to sturdiness and durability will also be reflected in reviews.

Some manufacturers offer one-year warranties, whereas others can even offer 3-year ones. The fact of the matter is that you might need to change your car seat anyway, by the time your warranty runs out.


Top models to consider


A convertible car seat is considered by plenty of parents a great choice, because it represents a good investment, as you will make just one purchase for the time your child will need special assistance when riding in a vehicle. See the following five products, as they are considered by buyers the best convertible car seats 2017.



Chicco NextFit


1.Chicco NextFitIn order for a car seat to be really comfortable, a few reclining options should be provided by the manufacturer. The Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat comes with no fewer than 9 reclining positions, which places it on top of many other similar models on the market. Everything other convertible car seats do, this one does better. Besides outstanding comfort options, it comes with a special system for installing the seat, called the SuperCinch(TM) LATCH Tightener. When you use this system, you will not have to worry that you got the installation wrong, because the seat won’t let you do any mistakes.

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Evenflo Titan


Evenflo TitanOne of the issues convertible car seats have to solve in order to represent a good option for parents and their kids is an adjustable safety harness. As your baby grows, the harness should be easy to adjust, so that it provides the same amount of safety. The Evenflo Titan Convertible Car Seat offers the possibility to adjust the upfront harness as you see fit, so that your kid enjoys the same protection and comfort. A head and body pillow is readily provided, for increased comfort, as well. You will also appreciate that the pad and pillow are easy to clean.

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Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air+


3.Safety 1st Advance SE 65Superior protection in case of impact is paramount for car seats, as babies are much more fragile than adults and they can suffer more severe injuries in case of accident. The Safety 1st Advance SE 65 Air+ Convertible Car Seat comes equipped with special technologies that provide superior protection. The model is also very comfortable, and it offers the baby 4 reclining positions and 10 positions for the headrest. Even the pickiest child will find a good position when riding in this seat. A good choice for small vehicles, this model is preferred by many parents.

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Britax Advocate G4.1


4.Britax Advocate G4.1A reliable convertible car seat should come equipped with a variety of options so you can always ensure the best comfort for your baby. The upfront harness is easy to adjust and it has 10 different positions, which means that the seat grows with your child. The buckle has 2 different positions, as well, allowing you to make quick adjustments as the need arises. Another feature that makes the Britax Advocate G4.1 Convertible Car Seat one of the best models for sale right now is represented by its superior safe cell complete side impact protection.

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Graco 4ever


5.Graco 4everIf you decide to purchase the Graco 4ever All-in-One Car Seat, you will not feel the need for another car seat for more than 10 years. The seat grows with your child and it accommodates kids weighing as little as 4 pounds, so even babies with small weight at birth can use it, as well as kids weighing as much as 120 pounds. After this point, your child will simply be big enough to ride in your car without a special car seat. Easy to install and versatile, the Graco 4ever All-in-One Car Seat is one of the best investments you can make right now.

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